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Mar 31, 2023

One of our favorite guests, SIG SAUER’s Phil Strader joins Gun Talk Nation’s Ryan Gresham for a wide-ranging conversation and a lot of laughs. The guys are discussing Phil’s obsession with retro cars and RVs, new products from SIG SAUER, a peek at what goes into developing new guns and much more.

This Gun Talk...

Mar 27, 2023

In a continued discussion, firefighter Jacob Stolzle joins Gun Talk Hunt’s Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin on this episode to discuss out-of-state hunting plans, selecting calibers for different hunts and much more.

This Gun Talk Hunt is brought to you by Ruger and Range Ready.

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Gun Talk...

Mar 26, 2023

In This Hour:

-- Chuck Michel, head of California Rifle and Pistol Association, announces the death of the famous "roster" of guns available in that state.

--  The various reasons people choose a particular defensive gun.

--  Tips on quickly reloading a revolver.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk    Gun Talk Radio  | 03.26.23  ...

Mar 26, 2023

In This Hour:

-- Uvalde, TX, police say they didn't save the students because the murderer had an AR-15.

--  How to carry a small pistol in a purse.

--  Congressman "mansplains" safety, saying guns don't protect women.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk    03.26.23   Hour 2

Mar 26, 2023

In This Hour:

-- Update on Washington State gun bans

--  Making the commitment. Becoming a student of the gun. 

--  There's a time to talk and a time to shoot.  It's up to you to know the difference. 

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk   03.26.23  Hour 3