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Dec 31, 2023

In This Hour:

-- Ryan Gresham, head of Gun Talk Media, on the growth of his firearm media empire, how Range Ready Studios became a destination, and the joy of taking his daughters hunting.

-- 2024 is the 75th anniversary for two major companied in the firearms industry.  Chris Killoy, President and CEO of Ruger Firearms, explains the history of the company -- started by Bill Ruger -- and a few of the guns we'll see brought to market.  Ruger will be celebrating with Hornady, which also has its 75th anniversary this year.

-- Tom Gresham looks back at 2023, which was the year of major advances in the courts as gun rights groups push back on the restrictions cities and states have imposed on gun owners.  He also talks about trends in guns and what we will see in the coming year.

-- Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 12.31.23 hour 1