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Aug 19, 2018

Tom talks with Dave Kopel of the Independence Institute about current events, and the weekend's ATF gathering. Also, finding the guns you REALLY want, and some range reports.


Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 8.19.18 Hour 1

Aug 19, 2018

Tom talks with Dury's Guns Johnny Dury about the most popular guns on the market. Plus, Franklin Armory's Jay Jacobson tells their story of e-commerce website company Shopify and the new terms of service banning guns and accessories from being sold. And, raffling firearms and other legal products

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk...

Aug 19, 2018

Tom talks with Khyber Training's Wes Doss about tactical pen defense. Plus, Operation Choke Point 2.0, and law enforcement officials in Texas weigh in on campus carry.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 8.19.18 Hour...

Aug 19, 2018

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss using the .223 as a hunting cartridge, dealing with strong recoil, and what can happen if your guns are not kept clean. 

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 8.19.18 After Show

Aug 12, 2018

Tom talks about standing up to bullies and media lies, pro-gun public relations, and whether the .223/5.56 is adequate for hunting deer.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 8.12.18 Hour 1