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Jan 17, 2020

Tom Gresham talks with Mossberg's Linda Powell about the newest pistol addition - the MC2c double-stack compact 9mm.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 1.17.20 Bonus Podcast

Jan 12, 2020

In this hour:
- Handgun Combatives’ Dave Spaulding talks training tips and competition as he hits the road for 2020
- Dury's Gun Shop's Johnny Dury joins Tom to discuss the Grits Gresham Ruger No. 1 up for auction, with proceeds going to the Second Amendment Foundation
- Updates on the Second Amendment Sanctuary...

Jan 12, 2020

In this hour:
- Judge Phillip Journey of the Eighteenth Judicial District in Kansas discusses the importance of getting involved in the 2020 Elections on local, state and federal levels
- NRA Board Member Elections, and how to pick a candidate to support
- Caller asks what is an assault rifle?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk...

Jan 12, 2020

In this hour:
- Columnist David Nabhan on his article about the importance of Jewish-Americans arming themselves due to the rise in Anti-Semitic attacks
- Caller has 100-year old Colt Woodsman and wants to know what ammunition to use
- A great gun show find

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 1.12.20 Hour...

Jan 12, 2020

In this hour:
- The history of standing up for yourself and how despotic governments confiscate guns prior to genocides
- Caller missed out on an SKS at a gun show, but did a barter deal for a .22 revolver
- Jim's "range report" from a Donald Trump rally

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 1.12.20 After Show