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Aug 30, 2020

In this hour:

- Tom's take on the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings at the Kenosha, WI, riot.
- Detroit CCW and Legally Armed in Detroit's Owner/Instructor Rick Ector tells Tom about his latest free training class for women that had almost 2,000 attendees!
- Did having a sling on his AR-15 save Kyle Rittenhouse's life?



Aug 30, 2020

In this hour:
- Tom Wondrash, the Scholastic Clay Target Program's National Director, discusses the championship tourneys and growth of sport shooting
- Shooting instructor encourages seniors to buy pistol caliber carbines for home defense
- Range reports on the Glock 43X pistol

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 08.30.20 Hour...

Aug 30, 2020

In this hour:
- Caller follows up - Discovers his "gun problem" was really bad ammo
- New gun buyer is surprised at how much he likes the Sig P365 SAS
- Caller loves his S&W Shield EZ 380, and Tom just bought the M&P Shield EZ in 9mm.

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 08.30.20 Hour 3

Aug 30, 2020

In this hour:
- With ammunition hard to find, is this a good time to start handloading?
- Jim's plans to modify his SKS to take detachable magazines
- Why would you go near an area with riots?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 08.30.20 After Show

Aug 29, 2020

Some days you’re on and some days you're off - How does your mindset affect your shooting? Dan Zelenka, President of the Louisiana Shooting Association, joins Gun Talk's Ryan Gresham and Kevin “KJ” Jarnagin to talk about the joys and sorrows of bowhunting; versatility of using modern sporting rifles like ARs for...