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Feb 28, 2021

In this hour:
- SAAMI's Rick Patterson discusses just what a "SAAMI-accepted" cartridge means, and some of the latest ones to be introduced
- The strange story of a gun which went off in a house fire and shot a fire fighter
- When a man and his wife were attacked, having a powerful Surefire light on his gun saved the...

Feb 28, 2021

In this hour:
- Springfield Armory's Rob Leatham talks about the new Hellcat Rapid Defense Package and Springfield's foray into optics with the HEX red dot sights
- The motivation to become a certified firearms instructor
- Is it safe to shoot a slug in a .410 shotgun with a full choke?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.28.21...

Feb 28, 2021

In this hour:
- The current ammo shortage has increased the amount of reloaded ammunition being sold. Some have reported poor quality, and even dangerous conditions.
- What ammo should you use in a .44 Magnum revolver?
- Range report on the Glock Model 44.  Aftermarket magazines didn't work well.

Tom Gresham's Gun...

Feb 28, 2021

In this hour:
- Keeping a pistol running with good lubrication
- Henry hated polymer pistols until he tried the Walther P99.
- Is it possible to mount a red dot sight on a 1911 pistol?

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 02.28.21 After Show

Feb 27, 2021

Colorado has a wolf problem on the horizon. Guide, instructor, and outdoor enthusiast Mia Anstine chats with Gun Talk's Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin about issues with the passage of Colorado Prop. 114 that calls for gray wolf reintroduction to the state that will cause major problems for local wildlife, ranchers, farmers, and...