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Guntalk 2010-02-28 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Frank W. James - Author, Farmer

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Guntalk 2010-02-28 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Chad Haworth - Custom Reloads of Dallas and Bill Gravatt - Sinclair International

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Guntalk 2010-02-28 Part A

Hour One - Guests Lars Larson - Host "The Lars Larson Show" and Al Minneman - Pres. MTM Case-Gard

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Guntalk 2010-02-21 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2010-02-21 Part B

Hour Two - Open Lines ...Later in hour, Guest Pete Brownell

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Guntalk 2010-02-21 Part A

Hour One - Guest Marcus Dela Cruz -

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Guntalk 2010-02-14 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Bud Fini - Sig Sauer

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Guntalk 2010-02-14 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Travis Noteboom - Crimson Trace

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Guntalk 2010-02-14 Part A

Hour One - Guest Tom Munson - Trijicon

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Guntalk 2010-02-07 Part C

Hour Three - Live from Scottsdale Gun CLub, Scottsdale, AZ  Guests Ryan Hillacker - SGC Tactical
Jon Antrim and Jennifer Dove - Scottsdale Gun Club

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Guntalk 2010-02-07 Part B

Hour Two - Live from Scottsdale Gun Club, Scottsdale, AZ  Guests Doug Ritter, Jim Shepherd, Rob Anderson, Rock McMillan

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Guntalk 2010-02-07 Part A

Hour One - Live from Scottsdale Gun Club, Scottsdale, AZ  Guests Sandy Froman, Alan Gottleib, Ethan Becker, and Pete Brownell

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