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Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.

Hour three - Guest Emily Miller, The Washington Times

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Hour Two - SHOT Show interview with Action Target's Addison Sovine

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Hour One - Guest Masaad Ayoob, Author

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On this special bonus podcast: Tom talks with Jamey Skousen about Liberty Safe's new products.

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Hour Three - Live from the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guests include: Tom Munson, Trijicon - Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory - Mark Thomas, NSSF - Scott Linden, TV Personality

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Hour Two - Live from the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guests include: Tom Taylor, Mossberg - John Brown, Nat’l Firearms Act Trade & Collectors Association - Melissa Simpson, Safari Club International - Julie Golob, Smith & Wesson

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Hour One - Live from the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Guests include: Kent Thomas, Crimson Trace - Greg Kosteck, Winchester Ammo - Ken Jorgensen, Ruger

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On this special SHOT Show podcast: Sig Sauer's Tim Butler explaining some of their new offerings.

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On this special SHOT Show podcast: Benelli USA's Joe Coogan explaining some of their new shotgun offerings.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Greg Kosteck discussing the new Winchester Ammo products.

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On this special SHOT Show podcast: Ashbury International's Dave Brown discusses the newest in bolt action rifle chassis.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Dave Kopel discussing the most recent activities, as they relate to our Second Amendment rights.

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On this special SHOT Show podcast: DoubleTap Ammunition's Mike McNett explaining some of his new ammo offerings.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Paul Pluff discussing the new Smith & Wesson products.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Jerry Miculek talks competition shooting and some of the new Smith & Wesson products.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Brant Fitzgerald, from Undead Labs, is at his first SHOT Show to research the latest advancements in guns to incorporate into the video games his company produces.

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On this special Shot Show podcast: Team Springfield's Rob Leatham announces the brand-new Springfield Armory XDs, a single-stack, super small, .45 ACP pistol for concealed carry.

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Hour Three - Guests Marty Hayes, Armed Citizen's Defense Network and Alan Gottlieb, S.A.F.

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Hour Two - Guests David Codrea, Journalist and Mike Hammond, G.O.A. Counsel

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Hour One - Guests Buddy Duvall, USA Shooting Team Foundation and Paul Barrett, Author

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Hour Three - Open Lines

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Hour Two - Open Lines

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Hour One - Open Lines

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Tom enlightens us on the how's and why's of minding our own business.

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