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Guntalk 2011-02-27 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Host Alan Gottleib - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-02-27 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Host Alan Gottleib...Guests Richard Pearson - Illinois State Rifle Assoc. and Jim Irvine - Buckeye Firearms

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Guntalk 2011-02-27 Part A

Hour One - Guest Host Alan Gottleib ...Scott Bach, ANJRPC  Jim Wallace - GOAL of Massachusetts

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Hour Three - Guest Laurie Lee Dovey, POMA 

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Guntalk 2011-02-20 Part B

Hour Two - Guest John Vehr, Timney Triggers 

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Guntalk 2011-02-20 Part A

Hour One - Guest Todd Jarrett, Champion Competitive Shooter

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Tom discusses the use of magnum rifles/ammo.

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Guntalk 2011-02-13 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Kevin Brittingham, Advanced Armament

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Guntalk 2011-02-13 Part B

Hour Two - Guest David Codrea, National Gun Rights Examiner

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Guntalk 2011-02-13 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Great "American Sportsman" Grits Gresham interviewed President Ronald Reagan in 1983, one on one, in the Oval Office. The only known recording of that interview was made using a hand-held tape recorder of Grits'.  In this excerpt, Reagan describes the night he used his 1911 to save the life of a nurse being held-up at gunpoint.

For more on the story of that nurse, click here.

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Guntalk 2011-02-06 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Louise Mandrell, The Spirit Shoot 2011

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Guntalk 2011-02-06 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Pastor Tom Vineyard, Windsor Hills Baptist Church 

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Guntalk 2011-02-06 Part A

Hour One - Guest Iain Harrison, Crimson Trace

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