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The Gun Talk After Show 02–28-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss lever action ammo, The Donald (hurl), .327 range results, and proper holstering techniques.

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Guntalk 02-28-2016 Part C

Hour Three- Guest Ryan Repp, Brownells

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Guntalk 02-28-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Boyd Metz, HSM Ammunition

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Guntalk 02-28-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer

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The Gun Talk After Show 02–21-2016

Tom, Jim, and Tom discuss first-time pistol buying and the motivations, odd cartridges, and peculiarities between guns and owners of those.

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Guntalk 02-21-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest James (Jim) Marter, IL Candidate for U.S. Senate

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Guntalk 02-21-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Ashley Hlebinsky, Curator


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Guntalk 02-21-2016 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 02–14-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle celebrate The After Show's 2nd Anniversary and discuss trainers credentials, guides and outfitters, and bullet drop.

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Guntalk 02-14-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Dave Spaulding, Handgun Combatives

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Guntalk 02-14-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Brandon Payne, Liberty Safe

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Guntalk 02-14-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Alan Gura, Atty.

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The Gun Talk After Show 02–07-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss proper gun range etiquette, cowboy action shooting, trigger jobs, and respecting those pesky "No-Gun" signs......or, not.

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Steve Tarani

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Tom Givens, Rangemaster Firearms Training Services

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Guntalk 02-07-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Clint B. Monfort, Attorney

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The Gun Talk After Show 01-31-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss concealed carry for women, the Ruger Precision rifle, patching family feuds, and Blue Guns.

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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Jim Wallace, GOAL

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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Mike Seeklander, American Warrior Society 


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Guntalk 01-31-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Brian Tatum, American Marksman

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