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The Gun Talk After Show 05-25-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss firearms ambassadorship, profiling/situational awareness, based on experience, and legal meds and the associated legal responsibilities. 

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Guntalk 05-25-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Matt Light - The Light Foundation/ Ruger Auction

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Guntalk 05-25-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Robin Sharpless, Redding Reloading Equipment


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Guntalk 05-25-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Stephen Hunter, Author

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The Gun Talk After Show 05-18-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss secret cleaning tips, reloading, long-range shooting, tactile grip options and other riveting topics! :)

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Guntalk 05-18-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Stephen Halbrook, Author; John Lott, Author

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Guntalk 05-18-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Mark Covey, Stone Range Gunsmithing

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Guntalk 05-18-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation

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The Gun Talk After Show 05-11-14

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss comfortable carry, transporting guns across state lines,  and women in shooting.

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Guntalk 05-11-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Mike McNett, DoubleTap Ammunition

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Guntalk 05-11-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Joe Wilson, World Champion Squirrel Cook Off

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Guntalk 05-11-2014 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 05-04-14

DESCRIPTION: Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss shotguns for kids, reloading, bucket lists, counterfeit firearms.

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Guntalk 05-04-2014 Part C

Hour Three Guest - Charles Heller, JPFO

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Guntalk 05-04-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Douglas Oliver, 16 gauge Society


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Guntalk 05-04-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Evan Nappen, NJ Attorney; Paul Pluff, Smith & Wesson 

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