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The Gun Talk After Show 04-26-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michael discuss dream rifles reissues, gun cleaning products, GT 20, and more!

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Guntalk 04-26-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 04-26-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Marty Hayes, Armed Citizens Legal Defense

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Guntalk 04-26-2015 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 04-19-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss gun cleaning products, revolvers in .327 Federal, and .222 versus .223....whatever it takes.

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Guntalk 04-19-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Greg Conner, President of Slip2000

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Guntalk 04-19-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Martin Tuason, President of Armscor/Rock Island Armory

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Guntalk 04-19-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa

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Guntalk 04-12-2015 Part C

Hour Three - 2015 NRA Show...Guests Ashley Hlebinsky - Cody Firearms Museum, Ken Pfau - FNH, Chris Killoy and Mark Gurney - Ruger

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Guntalk 04-12-2015 Part B

Hour Two - 2015 NRA Show...Guests Tom Taylor - SigSauer, Ronnie and Chris Barrett - Barrett, Todd Vance - Vance Outdoors, Billy Johnson - Filmmaker

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Guntalk 04-12-2015 Part A

Hour One - 2015 NRA Show...Guests Mike Fifer - Ruger, Aaron Moore - LaserLyte, Mark Keefe - NRA, Ryan Repp - Brownells


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Tom discusses Sarah Brady's recent passing, plus more, as he gets ready to head to the NRAAM in Nashville this week.

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Guntalk 04-05-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Rebroadcast of March 8, 2015

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Guntalk 04-05-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Rebroadcast of February 23, 2015

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Guntalk 04-05-2015 Part A

Hour One - Rebroadcast of January 4, 2015

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