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Guntalk 2013-09-29 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Jeff Knox, The Firearms Coalition and Chris Cerino, Chris Cerino Training Group

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Guntalk 2013-09-29 Part B

Hour Two - Guests David Codrea, The Examiner and Marty Hayes, Armed Citizen's Network

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Guntalk 2013-09-29 Part A

Hour One - Guests Joyce Rubino, Colt's Mfg. and Dr. Tim Wheeler, DRGO.

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Guntalk 2013-09-22 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines 

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Guntalk 2013-09-22 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Grant Cunningham, Author and Tom Taylor, Mossberg

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Guntalk 2013-09-22 Part A

Hour One - Guests John Pierce, and Gene Hoffman, CalGuns.

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Tom discusses yesterday's shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

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Guntalk 2013-09-15 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Dave Kopel, Attorney/Author and Al Maurer, The Voice of Liberty

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Guntalk 2013-09-15 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Dr. Jane Orient, OISM and Sean Maloney, Buckeye Firearms

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Guntalk 2013-09-15 Part A

Hour One - Guest Bud Fini and Jarrod McDevitt, Sig Sauer & Peter Gould, Gary Theroux- Infringed:The Movie

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Tom Gresham discusses the aftermath of the two recall votes in Colorado.

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Guntalk 2013-09-08 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Mark Thomas, Walther Arms and Josh Waldron,Silencer, Co.

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Guntalk 2013-09-08 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Alan Gottlieb, SAF

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Guntalk 2013-09-08 Part A

Hour One - Guests Terry Maketa-Sheriff, Colorado and Jamey Skousen, Liberty Safe

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Guntalk 2013-09-01 Part C

Hour Three - Re-Broadcast of 08-04-13

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Guntalk 2013-09-01 Part B

Hour Two - Re-Broadcast of 08-04-13

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Guntalk 2013-09-01 Part A

Hour One - Re-Broadcast of 08-04-13

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