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Guntalk 2010-05-30 Part C Hour Three - Guest Bob Morrison, Taurus
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Guntalk 2010-05-30 Part B Hour Two - Guest Tom Munson, Trijicon
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Guntalk 2010-05-30 Part A

Hour One - Guests  Gary Johnston, Co-Author of The World's Assault Rifles  and Paul Valone, President of Grass Roots North Carolina 

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Guntalk 2010-05-23 Part C Hour Three - Guest Rep. Brad Ellsworth
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Guntalk 2010-05-23 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Wayne Rodrigue and Alan Thompson, Baserri Shotguns

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Guntalk 2010-05-23 Part A Hour One - Guests Gov. Rick Perry, TX    Gabe Bailey, FNH-USA
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Guntalk 2010-05-16 Part C Hour Three - Live from The N.R.A. Show   Guests Marty Hayes, Armed Citizens Network    Rachel Parsons, NRA    Steve Fjestad, Blue Book of Gun Values    John Bianchi, Firearms Holster Legend    David Goldman, Gun Trust Lawyer
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Guntalk 2010-05-16 Part B Hour Two - Live from The N.R.A. Show     Guests Tom Taylor, Mossberg    Andy Scott, Viridian Lasers    Bill Gravatt, Sinclair International   Chris Hodgdon, Hodgdon Powders
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Guntalk 2010-05-16 Part A Hour One - Live from The N.R.A. Show  Guests Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory   -   Mike Shovel, Cor-Bon/Glaser
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Guntalk 2010-05-09 Part C Hour Three - Guest Max Michel, Champion Shooter - Sig Sauer
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Guntalk 2010-05-09 Part B Hour Two - Open Lines
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Guntalk 2010-05-09 Part A Hour One - Greg Rodriguez, Global Adventure Outfitters
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Guntalk 2010-05-02 Part C Hour Three - Open Lines
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Guntalk 2010-05-02 Part B Hour Two - Open Lines
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Guntalk 2010-05-02 Part A Hour One - Guests Bryan Tucker, Davidsons-Gallery of Guns  and  Tom Taylor, Mossberg Firearms and HAVA.
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