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Guntalk 09–25-2016 Part C

Hour Three - From the 31st Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa, Florida

Guests Jim Irvine, Buckeye Firearms Association

Sean Carrana, Florida Carry

Phillip Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League

Jim Wallace, Gun Owners Action League (GOAL)

Hon. Phillip Journey, Kansas State Rifle Association

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Guntalk 09–25-2016 Part B

Hour Two - From the 31st Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa, Florida.

Guests David Hardy, Attorney, author, historian; Richard Feldman, Independent Firearms Owners Association; Todd Rathner, NRA Freedom Alliance, and Knife Rights; and Rick Patterson, Small Arms & Ammunition Manufacturers Institute


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Guntalk 09–25-2016 Part A

Hour One - From the 31st Gun Rights Policy Conference in Tampa, Florida

Guests Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and CCRKBA, and Don Kilmer, Attorney for several SAF cases. and
Alan Gura, Attorney and David Sigale, Attorney for several SAF cases


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The Gun Talk After Show 09-18-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss encouraging NRA membership, an election day countdown, and unusual cartridges.

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Guntalk 09–18-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 09–18-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Aaron Dorr, Missouri Firearms Coalition

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Guntalk 09–18-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Val Gamerman, Pyramyd Air

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Bonus Podcast: A Talk with Blaser

While at the IWA Exhibit in Germany earlier this year, Tom managed a side trip for a tour and an in-depth discussion with Blaser's Bernhard Knöbel, and Sig Sauer's Bud Fini, in Isny, Germany. Website:

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The Gun Talk After Show 09-11-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss carry pistol options, preparedness, and remembering 9/11.

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Hour Three - Mo Regalado, Alien Gear Holsters and Tim Price, Author

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Guntalk 09–11-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Johnny Dury, Dury's Guns

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Guntalk 09–11-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest John Tucci, 

retired NYPD, reflecting on 15 years since the attacks on 9/11

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The Gun Talk After Show 09-04-2016

Stereo Toms and Jim discuss avoiding confrontation, how to deal with folks who may be brand-new to guns, and general TOM-foolery.

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Guntalk 09–04-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Paul Lathrop, Polite Society Podcast ( and Majority House Whip, Steve Scalise (R).

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Guntalk 09–04-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Open Lines

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Guntalk 09–04-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Chris Bird, Author

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