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Gun Talk After Show 11-27-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss what Tom G. would do if he were in charge of the BATFE, and lever actions that use pistol cartridges.

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Guntalk 11-27-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Jeff Hoffman, Black Hills Ammunition

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Guntalk 11-27-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guests 

Gary Killingsworth, Crimson Trace


Chris Cerino, Trainer

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Guntalk 11-27-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Alan Gottlieb, SAF

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The Gun Talk After Show 11-20-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle's radio mayhem covers charitable acts, family, swamp rabbits, field dressing power lines (???), Croaker bags, Cottonmouths, and leaky boats :)

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Guntalk 11-20-2016 Part C

Hour Three - John and Laurie Wiles, Pinehurst Gun Club

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Guntalk 11-20-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Ryan Repp, Brownells and 

John Hanson, Cerakote Gun Coatings

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Guntalk 11-20-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Logan Killam, Trijicon

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The Gun Talk After Show 11-13-2016

Tom, Jim, Bill McGregor and Michelle discuss response to the election, it's affect on retail gun sales, capital punishment, upcoming legislation and first-time buyers.

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Guntalk 11-13-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Live from Gunsite: Guests include Nosler's Zach Waterman and Gunsite's Buzz Miles & Jane Anne Shimizu

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Guntalk 11-13-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Live from Gunsite: Guests include Gunsite's Ken Campbell, and DoubleTap Ammunition's Mike McNett

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Guntalk 11-13-2016 Part A

Hour One - Live from Gunsite: Guests include Tom's longtime friend and Gunsite fan Bill McGregor, plus Colt's Paul Spitale and Justin Baldini.

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The Gun Talk After Show 11-06-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss rifle cleaning products, illegal immigration and it's support of Democrat voting, adoption debacles for gun owners, and witty banter. Well, at least that's HALF right. 

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Guntalk 11-06-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Gene Hoffman, CalGuns

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Guntalk 11-06-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Rob Leatham, Springfiled Armory

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Guntalk 11-06-2016 Part A

Hour One - Open lines.

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