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The Gun Talk After Show 04–24-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle revolvers, lasers, and start a mutual enabling club.

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Guntalk 04-24-2016 Part C

Hour 3  Jeremy Mallette, Silencer Shop

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Guntalk 04-24-2016 Part B

Hour 2  Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation

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Guntalk 04-24-2016 Part A

Hour 1 - Open Lines

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Bonus Podcast: The River, from "Close Calls"

This is a chapter from Tom's book, “Close Calls.”  The chapter is “The River,” and it describes three wildlife professionals in Alaska who were trapped in a pickup truck which plunged through the ice on a frozen river.

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The Gun Talk After Show 04–17-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss proper gun documentation and Class 3 trusts.

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Guntalk 04-17-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Tyler Botts, Alien Gear Holsters

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Guntalk 04-17-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Tommy Thacker, Timney Triggers

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Guntalk 04-17-2016 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 04–10-2016

Tom, Guest Co-Host Jane Anne Shimizu, Jim, and Michelle discuss training, women in the firearm industry, and pre-conceived notions of gun owners by non-gun owners.

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Hour Three - Guest Co-Host Jane Anne Shimizu

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Guntalk 04-10-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Co-Host Jane Anne Shimizu with guest 

Rick Cicero, Learn to Shoot Again

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Guntalk 04-10-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guest Co-Host Jane Anne Shimizu with guest 

Paloma Capanna, Attorney for Dark Storm Industries

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The Gun Talk After Show 04–03-2016

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss ammunition malfunctions, long range vs. short range training, and INTOT.

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Guntalk 04-03-2016 Part C

Hour Three - Jack Tibbs, Mayor, Eufaula, AL

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Guntalk 04-03-2016 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Jim Rambin, Ark-La-Tex Gun Collectors Association

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Guntalk 04-03-2016 Part A

Hour One - Guests Paul Markel, Student of the Gun

 and Guy Smith, Gun Facts

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