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Guntalk 12-28-2014 Part C

Re-Broadcast of 12-07-2014

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 12-28-2014 Part B

Re-Broadcast of 03-23-2014

Hour Two - Guests Massad Ayoob, Author and Trainer; Paul Levy, Category Manager at Brownells

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Guntalk 12-28-2014 Part A

Re-Broadcast of 12-07-2014

Hour One - Guest Jim Clark, Clark Custom Guns

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The Gun Talk After Show 12-21-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss 1022 Rugers, sights, twist rates, slings, and Ohio's most recent positive-direction gun laws!!!

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Guntalk 12-21-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Andrew Lane and Dave Barton, ELEY

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Guntalk 12-21-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Paul Erhardt, Writer

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Guntalk 12-21-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Mark Gurney, Ruger; Dan Compton,Ammunition Product Specialist for ATK Sporting

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This is a reading from "Grits On Guns."

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The Gun Talk After Show 12-14-2014

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss good PR presence for gun ambassadors...That's you and Me!!.... Nevada's spreading anti-gun advocates.....and Tom's sewing prowess.

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Guntalk 12-14-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Greg Lapin, Destin Mounts-VATA Group and Rob Werkmeister, Ruger

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Guntalk 12-14-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Martin Tuason, Armscor USA/Rock Island Armory

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Guntalk 12-14-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory and Jeff Hoffman, Black Hills Ammo

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The Gun Talk After Show 12-07-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss scope requirements, retention holsters, retail experiences, and pro-class Rock, Paper, Scissor tournaments.


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Guntalk 12-07-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 12-07-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Ashley Hlebinsky, Curator, Cody Firearms Musuem; Michele Makucevich, Swab-its


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Guntalk 12-07-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Jim Clark, Clark Custom Guns


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