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Guntalk 09-28-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Dave Workman,; and Massad Ayoob, Trainer and Author.

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Guntalk 09-28-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation; and Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation.

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Guntalk 09-28-2014 Part A

Hour One - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Chris Bird, Author; Rhonda Ezell - Plaintiff Ezell vs. Chicago; Doug Ritter,; and Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS.

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The Gun Talk After Show 09-21-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss guns as gifts, long-range shooting options,  and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

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Guntalk 09-21-2014 Part C

Hour Three Guest - Doug Ritter,

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Guntalk 09-21-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Tom Taylor, Mossberg; Steve Hall, International Hunters Education Association


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Guntalk 09-21-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Daniel Rodriguez, Attorney; Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS

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This is an article Dad wrote about my first deer.  The hunt was November, 1962.  The article "Deer Of Thanksgiving" ran in the October 1964 issue of Outdoor Life magazine.

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The Gun Talk After Show 09-14-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss holsters, practice draws, and 8-track tape decks????


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Guntalk 09-14-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Evan Nappen, Attorney 

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Guntalk 09-14-2014 Part B

Hour Two Guest - Matt Craighead, CrossBreed Holsters

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Guntalk 09-14-2014 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 09-07-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss gun-friendly behavior, stereotypes, and how to persuade like-minded folks to work WITH us, instead of alienating them.

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Guntalk 09-07-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Travis Gibson, MGM Targets

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Guntalk 09-07-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Todd Rathner, Knife Rights; Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS

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Guntalk 09-07-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Chip Lohman, Author

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Guntalk 08-31-2014 Part D

Tom, Michelle and Michael discuss the importance of real-life stress training, the senseless slaughter of thousands of gummi bears, and peep sights.

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Guntalk 08-31-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Larry Weishuhn,  Host of “Trailing the Hunter’s Moon”

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Guntalk 08-31-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Dave Workman, Journalist

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Guntalk 08-31-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Gene Hoffman, The Calguns Foundation

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