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Guntalk 2011-04-24 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Tom Taylor, HAVA/Mossberg and Nick Ecker, Charter Firearms

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Guntalk 2011-04-24 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Johnny Dury, Dury’s Gun Shop and Pete & Frank Brownell, Brownells

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Guntalk 2011-04-24 Part A

Hour One - Guests Andrew Chilkiewicz, Trijicon and Senator Chuck Grassley, Iowa

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Guntalk 2011-04-17 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Iain Harrison, Crimson Trace  and Pat Goodale, Practical Training  

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Guntalk 2011-04-17 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Peter Pi, Corbon  and  Keith Weaver, Aimpoint 

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Guntalk 2011-04-17 Part A

Hour One - Guests Ted Nugent and Mark Craighead, Crossbreed Holsters

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While filming one of the latest episodes of Gun Talk Television with six law enforcement officers, Tom noticed that the command "GUN" is used to instruct the officers to fire. Does using this command while training condition law enforcement to react to a person legally carrying a gun in a negative way? Email Tom your thoughts at

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Guntalk 2011-04-10 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Tom Spithaler, AR15

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Guntalk 2011-04-10 Part B

Hour two - Guests Jim Shepherd, The Outdoor Wire Digital Network and Ray Oeltjen  

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Guntalk 2011-04-10 Part A

Hour One - Guest Jason Smith, Ammunition to Go  

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Guntalk 2011-04-03 Part C

Guest Host Brian Wilson - Hour Three - Howard Nemerov, Pajamas Media, Author and George Harris, Sig Sauer Academy

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Guntalk 2011-04-03 Part B

Guest Host Brian Wilson - Hour Two - Guests Chad Baus, Buckeye Firearms Association and Chris Knox, The Firearms Coalition


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Guntalk 2011-04-03 Part A

Guest Host Brian Wilson - Hour One - Guests Mike Vanderboegh, Sipsey Street Irregulars blog and Mike McNett, Double Tap Ammo

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