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The Gun Talk After Show 10-26-2014

Tom, Jim, and Michael discuss retail gun stores public relations, Hollywood gun use, and shoring up votes via The Chicago Method. 

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Guntalk 10-26-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Roseann Stover, Crimson Trace

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Guntalk 10-26-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Pete Brownell, Brownells

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Guntalk 10-26-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest Jake McGuigan , Director of State Affairs for NSSF

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Guntalk 10-19-2014 Part D

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael cover bear protection, the ballistic coefficient of soda cans, the continuing saga of "The Euthanizing of Mike's Truck", and a pre-range report on a prize pistol, literally.

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Guntalk 10-19-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (3rd Dis. Missouri)

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Guntalk 10-19-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Chris Cheng, Author; Chris Tedder, Comfort Holsters

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Guntalk 10-19-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guest John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center

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The Gun Talk After Show 10-12-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss holsters, AR-15 kits, and general safety.

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Guntalk 10-12-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 10-12-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Todd Rathner, NFA Freedom Alliance

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Guntalk 10-12-2014 Part A

Hour One Guests - Bob Barr, Liberty Guard; Paul Valone, Grass Roots North Carolina

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The Gun Talk After Show 10-05-2014

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss long-range elk rifles, S.W.A.T.-ing, and 1989 Ford F-150 1/2 ton pickup trucks, 4.9 liter in-line 6's, with manual transmissions. 

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Guntalk 10-05-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Anthony Acitelli, President & CEO of Taurus


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Guntalk 10-05-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Steve Boelter, Anschutz North America

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Guntalk 10-05-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Mark Gurney, Ruger

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A reading from my book "Close Calls." This is the chapter titled "Spike Camp," about Dad -- Grits -- getting stranded on a mountain, in a terrible storm. ~Tom Gresham

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