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Guntalk 2011-10-30 Part C

Hour Three - Guest David Codrea, National Gun Rights Examiner

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Guntalk 2011-10-30 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Nik Clark, Wisconsin Carry and Jeremy Cooper, Remington VERSA MAX

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Guntalk 2011-10-30 Part A

Hour One - Guests Mark Craighead, CrossBreed Holsters  and Kevin Brittingham, Advanced Armament

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Tom's idea of volunteering for The Salvation Army won't work. So, what CAN gun owners do for their community?

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Guntalk 2011-10-23 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-10-23 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Iain Harrison, Crimson Trace and Andrew Haskin, Remington

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Guntalk 2011-10-23 Part A

Hour One - Guest Gene Hoffman,

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Tom discusses why he thinks training is important.

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Guntalk 2011-10-16 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Clark Aposhian, Firearms Instructor

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Guntalk 2011-10-16 Part B

Hour Two - Guest David Blankenship, Remington

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Guntalk 2011-10-16 Part A

Hour One -Guests Nutnfancy, Internet Gun Reviewer and David Codrea,

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Tom discusses ethical hunting, including cartridge size and when not to take the shot, the latest developments in Fast and Furious, conceal carrying, and email rumors. 

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Guntalk 2011-10-09 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-10-09 Part B

Hour Two - Open lines and Guest Jay Miller, Remington

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Guntalk 2011-10-09 Part A

Hour One - Open lines and Guest Edward Smith, Chapel Hill Bank

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Guntalk 2011-10-02 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-10-02 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Conrad Arnold, National 4-H Shooting Sports 

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Guntalk 2011-10-02 Part A

Hour One - Guest Randy Brooks, Barnes Bullets

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