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The Gun Talk After Show 11-29-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss guns for women and the elderly, proper gun handling techniques, CHRISTmas stocking stuffer suggestions, and Jim's obsession with Michelle's Ruger LCR.

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Guntalk 11-29-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Gary Killingsworth, Crimson Trace

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Guntalk 11-29-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Johnny Dury, Dury's Guns

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Guntalk 11-29-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guests Ted Nugent; and Mike McNett of DoubleTap Ammunition

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Guntalk 11-22-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Re-Broadcast of 09-27-15

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Guntalk 11-22-2015 Part B

Hour Two -Re-Broadcast of 09-27-15

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Guntalk 11-22-2015 Part A

Hour One - Re-Broadcast of 09-27-15

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The Gun Talk After Show 11-15-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss ankle holsters, carrying an AR in your car, .327 Federal Mag. (Ruger LCR), the age-old argument over caliber vs. capacity, and ballistic dating sites....the wave of the future.

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Guntalk 11-15-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Justyn Schmidt, Warne Scope Mounts

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Guntalk 11-15-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Paul Spitale, Colt's Mfg.

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Guntalk 11-15-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Ryan Repp, Brownells

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The Gun Talk After Show 11-08-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss gun cleaning products, lever actions rifles, pistol hunting deer, and Michelle's incessant, globe-trotting adventure.

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Guntalk 11-08-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest John Barsness, Author

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Guntalk 11-08-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Bob Radecki, GLOCK

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Guntalk 11-08-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Bill Kumpe, Author 

Deadly Minutes versus Precious Seconds: A Primer on Armed Church Security

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Bonus Podcast: Grits on Guns - Semi-Magnums for Hunters
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The Gun Talk After Show 11-01-2015

Tom, Jim, and Tom discuss lever-action 327's, defective ammo, litigation loopholes, and why Jim should never sing in public.....ever.

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Guntalk 11-01-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Tom Taylor, Sig Sauer

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Guntalk 11-01-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Patrick Van Horne, CEO of CP Journal, Author


Matt Craighead, CrossBreed Holsters

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Guntalk 11-01-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest 

Art Bouvier, Papa Roux Po-Boys and Cajun Eats

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