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Guntalk 2012-10-28 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Stephanie Pastusek, XS Sight Systems 

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Guntalk 2012-10-28 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Jason Smith - Ammo To Go

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Guntalk 2012-10-28 Part A

Hour One - Guest Silvio Calabi, The Gun Book for Boys

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Tom discusses a note from a listener who's wife hates guns, encouraging your kids to pick a partner who likes guns, the Louisiana Constitutional Amendment and Supreme Court and Appelate Court issues.

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Guntalk 2012-10-21 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Pete Brownell, Brownells

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Guntalk 2012-10-21 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Jerry Henry, Executive Director of and Ken Jorgensen, Ruger

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Guntalk 2012-10-21 Part A

Hour One - Guest Pat Mundy, Leupold

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Tom goes over how to rack a slide, practicing with dummy rounds and training in your home and at the range.

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Tom discusses the second Presidential debate from Tuesday, October 16, 2012. During the debate, Obama declared his intentions to ban guns.

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Tom answers common grip and stance questions from Guns and Gear TV viewer Matthew.

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Guntalk 2012-10-14 Part C


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Guntalk 2012-10-14 Part B


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Guntalk 2012-10-14 Part A


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Tom Gresham addresses what the Obama/Biden administration want to do with gun laws, if elected to office for a second term. To see the proof, visit, and scroll down to Crime and Law Enforcement.

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Guntalk 2012-10-07 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed

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Guntalk 2012-10-07 Part B

Hour Two - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2012-10-07 Part A

Hour One - Guests Jeff Hoffman, Black Hills Ammunition

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