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Guntalk 2011-05-29 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-05-29 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Steve Fjestad, Blue Book of Gun Values

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Guntalk 2011-05-29 Part A

Hour One - Guest Sen. Jon Tester. MT

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Tom is filming Season 3 of Guns and Gear in Birmingham, AL right now, and talking with the titans of the industry. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the future of gun manufacturing.

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Guntalk 2011-05-22 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Gov. Rick Perry, TX

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Guntalk 2011-05-22 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Sen. Brian Birdwell, TX and Sen. Jon Tester. MT

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Guntalk 2011-05-22 Part A

Hour One - Guest Guy Smith, Author "Shooting the Bull"

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Tom discusses what you need in your go bag, and why you need one.

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Guntalk 2011-05-15 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Frank Fiamingo, Pres. NJ2AS

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Guntalk 2011-05-15 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Chris Bird, Author - The Concealed Handgun Manual

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Guntalk 2011-05-15 Part A

Hour One - Guest Ray Hobbs, Daisy Outdoor Products

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Guntalk 2011-05-08 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2011-05-08 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Frank Harris, Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance, Thompson


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Guntalk 2011-05-08 Part A

Hour One - Guest Kevin Brittingham, Advanced Armament

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Guntalk 2011-05-01 Part C

Hour Three - NRA SHOW - Guests "Hickok45" from YouTube, Paul Pluff with Smith & Wesson and Rachel Parsons of the NRA

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Guntalk 2011-05-01 Part B

Hour Two - NRA SHOW - Ken Jorgensen, Ruger   John Vehr, Timney Trggers  John Lott, Author   Alan Gottlieb, SAF

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Guntalk 2011-05-01 Part A

Hour One - NRA SHOW - Guests Bob Morrison, Taurus  Mike McNett, Double Tap Ammo  Dale Coats, Liberty Safe

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