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The Gun Talk After Show 10–25-2015

Tom, Tom, and Jim-Tom discuss Open Carry, Revolvers vs. Semi's, Large balls of TWINE, and what else?....FLAME THROWERS!!!!

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Guntalk 10–25-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Mark Hanish, FNH USA

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Guntalk 10–25-2015 Part B

Hour Two Guests - Tim Brandt, Taurus


Sean Caranna, Florida Carry


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Guntalk 10–25-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Rod Bremer, CRKT Ruger Knives

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The Gun Talk After Show 10–18-2015

Guest Host Paul Markel, Jarrad Markel, Jim, and Michelle discuss the politics of gun folks, history, and societal complacency.

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Guntalk 10–18-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Host Paul Markel. Open lines.

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Guntalk 10–18-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Host Paul Markel.


Mike Detty, Author

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Guntalk 10–18-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Host Paul Markel

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The Gun Talk After Show 10–11-2015

Tom, Michelle, and Jim discuss gun registration and confiscation, 10 mm, the 6.5 Creedmore ans a VERY special surprise for Michelle from Ruger.

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Guntalk 10–11-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Brandon Payne, Liberty Safe

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Guntalk 10–11-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Dr. John Edeen, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership 

and Paul Markel, Student of the Gun

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Guntalk 10-11-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guests RG Stitt, Ruger National Sales Manager

and Mike McNett, DoubleTap Ammunition

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The Gun Talk After Show 10–04-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss Michelle's Dream Gun, arriving in stores, now!!!

Not to mention, husbands' best route when failing miserably at helping their wives pick personal firearms. Just Shut Up! 

Mobile Ammo Factories?


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Guntalk 10–04-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Brandon Grady, Cerakote

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Guntalk 10–04-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Bruce Piatt, Competitive Shooter

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Guntalk 10–04-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guests Dick Heller, Heller Foundation 

and Alan Korwin, Author, Blogger


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