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Welcome to the Podcast Page for Tom Gresham's Gun Talk!

Feb 23, 2015

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss holsters, ammo shortage, possible criminal charges in the New York Safe Act.

Feb 23, 2015

Hour Three - Guest Tommy Carnline, First Person Defender Participant

Feb 23, 2015

Hour Two - Guest Mike Seeklander, Owner: Shooting Performance

Feb 22, 2015

Hour One - Guests Bruce Piatt, Competitive Shooter; Rachel Baird, Attorney

Feb 16, 2015

On this, the one-year anniversary of the Gun Talk After Show, Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss aperture sights, the non-alienation of oppositely-opinionated political folks and being allies with them, and handing down family heirlooms pre-humously.