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The Gun Talk After Show 07-26-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss considerations when purchasing a firearm, ammo awareness vs. hoarding, self-defense solutions for people with reduced wrist strength, and general TOM-foolery.


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Guntalk 07-26-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 07-26-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Geoff Esterline, Brownells

South African Parma Shooting Team Story

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Guntalk 07-26-2015 Part A

Hour One Guests - Alan Gottleib, SAF

and  Liston Matthews, Columnist

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The Gun Talk After Show 07-19-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss increasing numbers of women involved in firearms and the opportunities presented, cast bullets effectiveness on hogs, and scope stability issues.

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Guntalk 07-19-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Buz Mills, Gunsite Academy

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Guntalk 07-19-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Larry Pratt, G.O.A. ( and Scott Morgan, Creative Building Resources (

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Guntalk 07-19-2015 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 07-12-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss gun registration/confiscation compliance, ankle holsters, and unsightly body hair.

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Guntalk 07-12-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 07-12-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Zach Waterman, Nosler

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Guntalk 07-12-2015 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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The Gun Talk After Show 07-05-2015

Tom, Michelle, and Jim discuss carrying concealed health concerns, the tactical advantage of lasers and tactical lights, and Jim's new Bee-Hive holster.

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Guntalk 07-05-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 07-05-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Allen Chandler, Firearms Legal Protection


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Guntalk 07-05 2015 Part A

Hour One - Guests Brad Thor, Author

and Rep. Blake Miguez


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