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The Gun Talk After Show 03-30-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss suppressors, illegal gun-dealer politicians, and selective seating.


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Guntalk 2014-03-30 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Mark Gurney, Ruger 

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Guntalk 2014-03-30 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Chris Bird, Author

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Guntalk 2014-03-30 Part A

Hour One - Guest Chuck Michel, Attorney

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The Gun Talk After Show 03-23-14

Tom, Jim, and Michael cover pre-emptive legislation, removing rust from blued guns, and the state of current gun confiscation. 

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Guntalk 2014-03-23 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Jeff Cline, Truth Squad Member 

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Guntalk 2014-03-23 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Guy Smith, Gun Facts

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Guntalk 2014-03-23 Part A

Hour One - Guests Shawn Wozniack, MEC Reloaders & Chris Cerino, Traning Group

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The Gun Talk After Show 03-16-14

The After Show - Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss ATF raids, reloading data, and promoting awareness of issues among non-gun folks.


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Guntalk 2014-03-16 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation

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Guntalk 2014-03-16 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Keith Morgan, WVCDL and David Codrea, Author


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Guntalk 2014-03-16 Part A

Hour One - Guests Tiger Mckee, Shootrite Firearms Academy, and Massad Ayoob, Author, Expert Witness

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The Gun Talk After Show 03-09-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle, and Michael discuss safe, public gun handling and safari etiquette.

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Guntalk 2014-03-09 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 2014-03-09 Part B

Hour Two  - Guest Ashley Lynn Hlebinsky, Cody Firearms Museum, and Michele Makucevich, Swab-its

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Guntalk 2014-03-09 Part A

Hour One - Guest Wayne LaPierre, NRA

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The Gun Talk After Show 03-02-14

Tom, Jim, and Michael discuss teaching do's and don'ts. 

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Guntalk 2014-03-02 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Brad Buelow, Top Gun Supply

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Guntalk 2014-03-02 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Rich Burgess, President of Connecticut Carry


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Guntalk 2014-03-02 Part A

Hour One - Guest Tom Dunegal, Console Vault

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