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The Gun Talk After Show 06-28-2015

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss gun cleaning as part of break-in period, miniature guns, new ammo factories, knife turn-in programs in Britain, and the SWEEEEET .327 revolver!

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Guntalk 06-28-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Alan Gottlieb, SAF

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Guntalk 06-28-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Tom King, NYSRPA

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Guntalk 06-28-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guest Robie Barkman, Robar Guns

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The Gun Talk After Show 06-21-2015

Tom, Michelle, and Jim discuss restaurant carry, training the young and elderly, and Jim's salivation issues with the GT 20.

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Guntalk 06-21-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Chris Cerino

Chris Cerino Training Group

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Guntalk 06-21-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Representative Rob Bishop, Utah

Proposed Legislation

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Guntalk 06-21-2015 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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Guntalk 06-14-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Randy Luth and Heather Meyen, Luth AR and 

Matt Craighead - Crossbreed Holsters

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Guntalk 06-14-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Greg Connor and Steve Tapia, Slip 2000 and Gary Killingsworth, Crimson Trace

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Guntalk 06-14-2015 Part A

Hour One - Guests Paul Pluff, Smith & Wesson and Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory

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The Gun Talk After Show 06-07-2015

Tom, Michelle, and Jim discuss "shok" tubes, reactive targets, cannons, and desktop Gatling guns.

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Guntalk 06-07-2015 Part C

Hour Three - Open Lines

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Guntalk 06-07-2015 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Jamey Skousen, Liberty Safe

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Guntalk 06-07-2015 Part A

Hour One - Open Lines

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