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The Gun Talk After Show 07-27-2014

Tom, Jim, and Michael discuss wing shooting mounts, .22 ammo availability, tortoises, and the recent successes of the pro-gun lawsuits.

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Guntalk 07-27-2014 Part C

Hour Three - Guests Alan Gottlieb, SAF; Alan Gura, attorney


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Guntalk 07-27-2014 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Leon Measures, Shoot Where You Look

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Guntalk 07-27-2014 Part A

Hour One - Guests Pete Brownell, Brownells; Jeff Reh, Beretta

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The Gun Talk After Show 07-20-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss .22 for self-defense, safe ammo for older 9mm's, 10mm's, Ruger Mini 14's, and guns of the future.

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Guntalk 07-20-14 Part C

Hour Three - Guests T Miller, Alien Gear Holsters

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Guntalk 07-20-14 Part B

Hour Two - Guests Tom Munson and Jeff Eby, Trijicon; David Codrea, Gun Blogger

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Guntalk 07-20-14 Part A

Hour One - Guests Nick Pinizzotto, President and CEO, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance; Paul Erhardt, Gun Writer

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Guntalk 07-13-14 Part C

Hour Three - Rebroadcast of 06-01-14

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Guntalk 07-13-14 Part B

Hour Two - Reboradcast of 06-29-14

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Guntalk 07-13-14 Part A

Hour One - Rebroadcast of 07-06-14

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The Gun Talk After Show 07-06-14

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss pistols for women, CCW stewardship, and Finnish Snow Snipers.

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Guntalk 07-06-14 Part C

Hour Three - Guest Melissa Bachman, TV Host

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Guntalk 07-06-14 Part B

Hour Two - Guest Bill Brassard, NSSF

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Guntalk 07-06-14 Part A

Hour One - Guests Zach Waterman, Nosler; Massad Ayoob, Trainer

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