Gun Talk (podcasts)
Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.

Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael cover bear protection, the ballistic coefficient of soda cans, the continuing saga of "The Euthanizing of Mike's Truck", and a pre-range report on a prize pistol, literally.

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Hour Three - Guest Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer (3rd Dis. Missouri)

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Hour Two - Guests Chris Cheng, Author; Chris Tedder, Comfort Holsters

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Hour One - Guest John Lott, Crime Prevention Research Center

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss holsters, AR-15 kits, and general safety.

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Hour Three - Open Lines

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Hour Two - Guest Todd Rathner, NFA Freedom Alliance

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Hour One Guests - Bob Barr, Liberty Guard; Paul Valone, Grass Roots North Carolina

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss long-range elk rifles, S.W.A.T.-ing, and 1989 Ford F-150 1/2 ton pickup trucks, 4.9 liter in-line 6's, with manual transmissions. 

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Hour Three - Guest Anthony Acitelli, President & CEO of Taurus


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Hour Two - Guest Steve Boelter, Anschutz North America

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Hour One - Guests Mark Gurney, Ruger

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A reading from my book "Close Calls." This is the chapter titled "Spike Camp," about Dad -- Grits -- getting stranded on a mountain, in a terrible storm. ~Tom Gresham

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Hour Three - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Dave Workman,; and Massad Ayoob, Trainer and Author.

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Hour Two - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Gene Hoffman, CalGuns Foundation; and Alan Gottlieb, Second Amendment Foundation.

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Hour One - Live from the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago, Illinois. Guests include: Chris Bird, Author; Rhonda Ezell - Plaintiff Ezell vs. Chicago; Doug Ritter,; and Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS.

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss guns as gifts, long-range shooting options,  and Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

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Hour Three Guest - Doug Ritter,

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Hour Two - Guests Tom Taylor, Mossberg; Steve Hall, International Hunters Education Association


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Hour One - Guests Daniel Rodriguez, Attorney; Frank Fiamingo, NJ2AS

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This is an article Dad wrote about my first deer.  The hunt was November, 1962.  The article "Deer Of Thanksgiving" ran in the October 1964 issue of Outdoor Life magazine.

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Tom, Jim, Michelle and Michael discuss holsters, practice draws, and 8-track tape decks????


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Hour Three - Guest Evan Nappen, Attorney 

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Hour Two Guest - Matt Craighead, CrossBreed Holsters

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